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Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Unidentified Object

Kali ini kita tentang 'Cerita Misteri' yah... Tapi sambil belajar bahasa Inggris...

One night, Tim and his friends were camping in a Tourism Forest of his city. They are happy to get together organized a summer night in the midst of their summer vacation. On the first night of their summer camp, they are singing and dancing around the campfire late into midnight. Until they finally sleepy and went into their tent.

When Tim entered the tent with two his best friends are Chris and Jhon, Tim thought it was weird. But Tim did not pay attention to, Tim slept in a warmth sleeping bag that her mother had been prepared beforehand.

They wake up the next morning with a cheerful face. Morning gymnastics they perform together. Then they began a journey of mystery by looking for a variety of secret codes and ciphers that should they resolve to get back to camp. Maya, Chris, Jhon, Tim and Septha be in a squad. Maya and Septha are Tim's female friends. They used to spend time together.

Many codes that they went through and they solve. When the sun almost set, they have not come into the camp. They were very worried. In the way, they decided to take a break. When they rested on a very large tree, they heard a biig foot stepped slowly toward to the west. They were terrified. Tim took they lamps and pointed it towards the west, they saw together what is behind the bush is very high. They saw a figure shaped like a frog but with a very like size. The figure has five eyes and two antenna eyes on its. They were terrified and screaming. The figure that too to disappear, and eventually mentors at the camp had heard their shouting and went straight to them.

The next day, they told what they encounter in the woods overnight. They tell such stories until finally Tim said, "It is true, what we were told it was all right. Trust me.", looking on his face a very serious, Tim's mentors also took it seriously as well at last. They contacted forest police and told what really happened. Forest police were surprised. They had never experienced something strange happened to Tim and his friends. Until the camp was finally resolved on that day. The forest police began to keep watch around the site where Tim and his friends had happened. At night, they found a similar figure as Tim's explanation behind a very high bush. They were all shocked. They thought what Tim had been just an illusion. With a sense of shock and fear that exists in their minds, they were approached by a sudden figure, and they were very surprised that strange alien that has never existed on this earth, they are aiming their guns towards the alien. The alien was immediately ran over and left the forest police. They were chasing alien. Until the end of the long chase end with arrest of alien.

Alien were taken to a famous laboratory in America. News about the alien were broadcasted everywhere. Tim's and his friends heard the news. And immediately Tim was terrified. He did not believe the figure is were very strange, more than what he imagined.

By : Sintyatika Puti

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